Section 3: CPR and Choking Emergencies

When a child has been burned, has ingested poison, or is choking on a piece of food, you may be the person who can save that child’s life. The plans and preparation you and your colleagues have in place can make all the difference in a life-or-death situation. In fact, anyone who is licensed or trained to work with young children should have the knowledge and capabilities for providing emergency care at a moment’s notice.

For this section of your course project:

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  • Create two scenarios: one in which a child is choking and another in which a child needs CPR. In each of your scenarios, include who is involved and where it is occurring (for example, a 5-year-old in a preschool setting has stopped breathing and is apparently choking on a piece of food). Then outline the proper emergency procedures for dealing with each situation (see pages 179–180 in your text).
  • Next, summarize why advance planning is often the best way to respond to or prevent an emergency situation and the kinds of training (e.g., CPR or first aid training) you believe are needed in order to prevent or positively resolve such emergencies.
  • Finally, describe any other steps adults must take to ensure they are prepared to handle these kinds of crises, including such information as first aid supplies, family emergency contact information, and so on.

Note: To help determine your approach and procedures for dealing with personal emergencies, review the following Web sites for information about what is included in various training courses:

Assignment length: Approximately 2 pages

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