You have 30 minutes to write an argumentative Essay.  You should attempt to write 300-400 words.  The essay will be scored on use of English, vocabulary, organization and content.  Try to write a complex, interesting response that shows your opinion and supports your arguments.


You may write using the computer and send the file by email.  Alternatively,  you can hand-write the essay on paper.  Simply take a photograph of each hand written page, and send them by email.

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Choose 1 of these topics. 


*Fewer college students work during their time at university.  While some people argue that college is a time for study and not work, others think that it is essential to gain work experience before you graduate.  Do you believe that college students should not work?  Or is it better to get a job, internship or volunteer while at school?


*Many people download music without paying for it, even though pirating is illegal in the United States.  The music industry is fighting back in the courts and with software that makes it difficult to download files.  Do you believe that pirating music is justifiable, or do you side with the music industry, and believe people should purchase music that they listen to?

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