Can hifsa shaukat please review the following article and submit a journal review?

2/3 pages APA Style


Review 3: Please select ONE of the following to conduct this week’s journal review.

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Blount, R L, Drabman, R S, Wilson, N, & Stewart D. Reducing Sever Diurnal Bruxism in Two Profoundly Retarded Females, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 15 (4), Winter 1982, pp 565-571.


Ervin, R A, DuPaul, G J, Kern, L, & Friman, P C. Classroom-based Functional and Adjunctive Assessments: Proactive Approaches to Intervention Selection for Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 31 (1), Spring 1998, pp 65-78.


Sawjaj, T, Libet, J, & Agras, S. Lemon-Juice Therapy: The Control of Life-threatening Rumination in a Six-Month-Old Infant, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 7 (4), Winter 1974, pp 557-563.

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