Computational Logic and Games

Games and computational logic have had a long relationship.   Many classic games (chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe, etc) have interesting mathematical aspects, and many computer science applications (reordering stacks, code breaking, etc.) have been adapted to games; such as the one we are about to explore.


1. Please read the instruction for Mastermind at the following website, or watch the video explaining how to play:

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2. Play at least 3 games of mastermind at one of the following sites:  *note: Guesses start from the bottom and go up.  Drag and drop pegs to slots) *note: Guesses start at the top and go down.  Click on the color you want
  • Write a brief summary of your experience with the game.  Include:
  1. The strategy for the starting move 
  2. How you made subsequent quesses 
  3. If you discovered the code and how many guesses did it take?  
  4. A screenshot of one of your completed game (please reference the game shown when describing your strategy)

Need help figuring out how to upload a picture?  Please see the tutorial here 

  • Calculate how many codes are possible, and describe your calculation IN YOUR OWN WORDS.   *Note: I am looking for insight into your thinking, not your ability to look up the answer 
  • Describe how you use the different feedback outputs (the white and black pegs) as part of the strategy to break the code.  How many possible output codes are there?
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