Earthquake Activity

Virtual Earthquake Activity Instructions

Before beginning this lab, be sure you have read Chapter 7 in the Foundations of Earth Science textbook.


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Navigate to the following website: Next, select “Virtual Earthquake” from the top, right-hand corner of the screen. Then, select the “Execute Virtual Earthquake” button at the bottom of the page. Simply follow the directions and work your way through the exercise. 


At the end of the exercise, you will be prompted to give your name, institution, etc. Enter the following information into the appropriate boxes:

Name: [Your Full Name]

Institution: Liberty University

Location: [Your City, State]

Check the box labeled “Email Certificate to Your Instructor”

Instructor’s Email: LEAVE THIS BLOCK BLANK

Your Email Address: [Your Email Address]


Be sure to click “Get Certificate” once you have entered the above information!


A copy of your certificate will be sent to your email account. Once you receive that email, right click on the green certificate and save it to your computer (as a .png file). Upload the certificate in the specified submission link. Upload the file the same as you would a paper, journal article, or other written assignment.

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