history reading log. dont have chat please send handshake

Reading log 

You need to write half page response for each materiel (half page for each individual material). I will upload 12 materials so I need 6 pages response. On each half page, you should make note of the following: 1. The author and title of the reading. 2. A one sentence summary of the reading (its main point or its argument if possible). 3. A list of 3 to 5 major points, with page numbers so you can refer back to the text for review. 4. Your own questions or commentary about the reading. ** Please add to the reading log a quick response to the Republic of Fear reading on life in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and a response to the following question: When is humanitarian intervention justified and what potential short-term and long-term issues should be considered by Western countries when intervening into the politics of another country?  in half page
all 6 pages and half. needed Thrsday night
Please Make sure that no body have the same work and no plagiarism PLEASE
Thank you

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