homemade food

never use online help at all, that will be cheating. argument ABOUT HOMEMADE FOOD the core of each policy is an argument, or reasonable support for why we think something. An argument can come in many forms, but the best arguments are achieve balance, answer objections, and have concrete rationales. As a college-level writer, you need to be able to advance a nuanced argument that an audience will respect, even if they are not persuaded.


ou’ll research a controversial topic and make a clear and persuasive argument related, in some way, to food. Throughout the essay, you should synthesize what we’ve learned throughout the semester regarding summarizing, analyzing, integrating, and interpreting to craft a cohesive argumentative research essay. Throughout you’ll work on developing your own ideas, researching expert’s opinions, answering objections, and crafting a nuanced and persuasive essay.

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An argument is not just an opinion. A developed argument has support that grows from the author’s credibility (ethos), logical reasoning (logos), and emotional stake (pathos). A well-written argument provides reasons why the argument is legitimate as well as solutions for moving forward.


Write a 1000 – 1250 essay that makes an argument related to food. 

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