How is Fortinbras’ character different from  Hamlet’s character?

How is Fortinbras’ character different from  Hamlet’s character?

Fortinbras is often referred to in the play as the man of action. The young Fortinbras is a leading soldier and is preparing for a war with Denmark when Claudius sends an ambassador to his uncle to convince him to not proceed with the plan. Fortinbras is convinced only when he is promised that he can use the battalion to capture Poland instead. Further, he will receive no challenge from anyone at Denmark and they will allow for a hospitable pass. This instance captures Fortinbras’ eagerness to act.

On the other hand, Hamlet, despite being the protagonist of this revenge tragedy, is given many monologues and spends most of his time contemplating life and death. Indecision is the fatal flaw that plagues Hamlet.

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