Intellectual Property##


i want you to write essay about 1300 to 1500 words

this is the thesis that i want you to use

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thesis statement:

clothing that labeled in Italy should be made legally required compilitly in Italy  becuase, consumer pay quality and Italy designers are losing money.


and this is the notes for the two articles that i uploded them.





Analysis of Two Articles (2 and 5)


Intellectual property refers to legal spectrums that cover and protect objects formed from the creations of the human mind. Intellectual property covers a wide array of artwork, fashion happens to be a rich display of human creations that depend on both creativity and choice of materials. Mills (2009) explores the different aspects and case studies that characterize the image of fashion design projected from the impact intellectual property has had on its development. The article highlights, from a legislative point of view, the laws that protect fashion designers on the basis of the content of their creations.


Essentially, the article explores past and present intellectual rights unique to fashion design as well as what they mean in the contemporary fashion design industry. On the other hand, Shand (2002) takes a more unique step in analyzing intellectual property in fashion from a cultural context. Fundamentally, the article explores the significance and representation of culture in fashion design as well as how intellectual property is utilized in protecting selected work of unique fashion designers. Basing the analysis on the Anglo-American system, the article explores the historical context of fashion design and explains how intellectual property has been used to build the industry despite the fact that culture is a shared social property.

– i want you to mention that i need example for a brands ( prada and nike ) show the other company make them fake and which one is real and which one is fake ,  also show in the essay the law of intellectual property.
– i also want the brain storming plan

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