literature review needed

Further notes / Customer remarks and information on the implementation:

starting from a paper ( reproduce the a model in Wolfram Mathematica, update it and draw conclusions.


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The theme has to be related to open macroeconomics, the model has to be agent-based (multiple agents) and with two markets. Than add some differences to the code, always on Mathematica and draw some conclusions.


At the end I will need two files:


– I need a mathematica file which reflects what is written in the thesis doc file you are going to give me. This mathematica file must contain: 

the model of paper (,

the changes/updates to the model

some brief descriptions of the code

I sent you 3 mathematica files, you can use them as an example to create the mathematica file. You cannot copy the topic of that file, neither codes or ideas from it. It is just to show you what my tutor is expecting and how it should be structured.


– The word doc file 45 pages (the thesis file), has to be as follows: 

having an abstract (where you briefly describe the content of the thesis),


presentation of the paper ( and related literature 

presentation of the model with comments on eventual problems with coding/steps to get to the coding of the model or parameters

presentation of the updated model with comments on eventual problems with coding/steps to get to the updated coding of the model or parameters



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