Political Since Homework


Go to the following website: www.topdocumentaryfilms.com

Please enter: FIAT EMPIRE (Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution). This film is approximately 58:42 minutes in length. There will be 4 questions to answer.

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1.Author G. Edward Griffin stated that, “In reality it is a cartel (Federal Reserve). It is no different than a banana, sugar, or oil cartel. It is a grouping of large private corporations in the field of banking who have come together to create an agreement between themselves to limit competition to preserve their profits & to make sure that no newcomers come in & take away their position. That’s what cartels do.” Analyze Mr. Griffin’s statement. Also do you find that there is a negative connotation regarding the word cartel?

 2. In 1913, the concept of Income Tax was created which was the same year as the creation of the Federal Reserve System. Do you find that this is a coincidence or are the possible implications greater?

3. Do you believe that the Federal Reserve accomodates Big Government Bureaucrats & Politicians as stated by Representative Ron Paul (R)-Texas? Also why hasn’t anyone challenged the concept & operation of the Federal Reserve Bank? Do you find that it may be unconstitutional to the U.S.?

4. The Federal Reserve was formed NOT in Washington D.C. but on a private island under great secrecy to benefit the “Money Trusts” (Those with great wealth). Do you believe the Federal Reserve operates to benefit ALL societal class of people? After watching this video, has it caused you to doubt claims that the media & Washington D.C. reports that we are in a recession or that prices must rise due to inflation?


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