Routing and switching

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Please address the following requirements in your 4–6-page paper: 

• A title page 

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• A report that includes the following: 

â—¦ An introduction to the contents of the report 

â—¦ A description of the client’s situation 

An explanation of the OSI network model that identifies the specific network components of the system and the corresponding OSI layers 

â—¦ The layer in the OSI model where the following problems are identified: 

    — Failure of remote procedure calls 

    — Problems with packet handling 

    — Problems moving information to the correct address 

Recommendations for solutions to the problems in the previous bullet point that were identified using the OSI model, along with why this recommended solution will work to fix each problem 


Please cite your references in APA format.  (at least one reference must be used)   

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