Web Fundamentals

  • Due Feb 13 at 11:59pm

  • Points 50

  • Questions 25

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  • Available until Feb 13 at 11:59pm
  • Time Limit 60 Minutes

  • Allowed Attempts 3


Concepts Exam 1 covers material from chapters 1 – 3 of Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML 5, 7th ed. You have three attempts to complete the concepts exam and 60 minutes per attempt (average completion time: 30 minutes). After your last attempt, you will be able to see the answers you submitted; and once all attempts are completed, or the due date has passed, Canvas will automatically keep the highest score. Correct answers for the concepts exam will be available at 12:00 a.m. following the due date, and will remain available for 48 hours only. The concepts exam MUST be completed by the due date and time in order to be eligible for credit; late submissions and make-up work are not accepted.

NOTE: Make sure to answer each question BEFORE advancing to the next; you will not be allowed to go back to a question once you click “Next”. Additionally, because the exam questions are randomly chosen from a large pool, each attempt may contain different questions.


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